Nutrient Transport - Exercise #11

You are studying nutrient uptake in E. coli and are curious about the high affinity molybdate ABC transporter.  You know that ModB is one of the components of this particular ABC transporter.

  1. What are the other two genes that encode other components of the  molybdate ABC transporter?

  3. What are the functions of all three genes (be sure to mention what they bind & their affinity/affinities or what reaction they catalyze, if anything!)?

  5. Are the three genes part of an operon?  Explain. 

  7. Is the expression of these genes (or operon, depending on your answer to the question above) regulated?  Explain.

  9. For the periplasmic binding component of this ABC Transporter, what region of amino acids is responsible for binding molybdate?

  11. Give the E.C.# for the enzymatic reaction this transporter carries out.  How many subunits of each protein are required for the enzymatic reaction to occur?