Nutrient Transport - Exercise #10

You are studying nutrient uptake in E. coli and are curious about the ABC transporter responsible for inorganic phosphate uptake.  You know that pstA is one of the four genes responsible for producing ABC transporter.

  1. What are the other three genes that make up this particular phosphate ABC transporter?

  3. What are the functions of all four genes (be sure to mention what they bind & their affinity/affinities or what reaction they catalyze, if anything!)?

  5. Do the four genes form an operon?  Explain. 

  7. Is the expressioon of these genes (or operon, depending on your answer to the question above) regulated?  Explain.

  9. Is this ABC Transporter inducible or not?  If so, name what compound and/or condition induces expression of the genes.

  11. Write out the complete enzymatic reaction of this phosphate transporter.  How many molecules of phosphate end up in the cytosol?